5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Writing a Resume

Online Job Searching Sites

Networking:  Online Job Searching Sites

When online job searching sites, it’s great to network with other people.  One powerful tool to use is Twitter.com and sign-up for tweets.  Facebook.com is another site that allows connections with family and friends and a host of many people you don’t know that could help you in your job search.  Now after you find a job that you are interested in, it really helps to see if you know someone that works there already or at least find someone that you know that knows someone who is employed there.

Company Connections:  Online Job Searching Sites

Another connection for online job searching sites is to go to LinkedIn.com and create an account.  There you can begin your search for people that you know who is employed at the company you are interested in or at least find someone who knows someone that works there.  It’s reported that this social networking site is the most overlooked site of its kind.  If you want to get in e front of wealthy, influential professionals then LinkedIn.com is that sort of place.  It has also been reported that this is the world’s largest audience of this type of professionals.  As a matter of fact, more than 80 million of these professionals are from 200+ countries.

Another great way to network is to be sure and let family and friends know you are seeking employment and what you think your job skills would be best suited for.   You can also do a search by typing in ‘job search websites usa‘ into your favorite search engine and browse your selections.

Other Career Search Sites

Another interesting career search site is SimplyHired.com.   And many other sources are available on the internet, such as MyNextMove.org that is not only designed to help determine the right career for you but will help you find a job that you will enjoy.

Another job search site which can be located at Ladders.com claims…

“We’ll make you more attractive to $100K+ employers.”
“Job boards just list jobs. We have real people who will help you succeed at every part of your job search.”
This is a site that has free and paid plans.
Another site to consider when doing a job search is the US Government, called specifically USA Jobs.

Most federal civilian jobs are posted on USAJOBS with the exception of jobs in the  federal judiciary.

SmartBrief Jobs

For more job searching visit https://jobs.smartbrief.com.  For job candidates and companies needing to fill jobs or post jobs, SmartBrief offers a different kind of service for recruitment.   And SmartBrief is geared towards the quality aspect in contrast to the quantity aspect.  SmartBrief Jobs is built on the SmartBrief networking of newsletters.

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